november, 2015

18nov - 21ganztägigeuropean youth award - graz - atstand up! start up! scale up!


event details

mittwoch, 18. november: registration, meet up, warm-up, young entrepreneurship: lightening talks and official opening, ten meters of innovation: how to think creatively about things which seem without solution, find friends, make fans: socialising

donnerstag, 19. november: morning session: improve society with internet of things, afternoon session: the best in digital creativity with impact on society, evening session: reviewing digital creativity with impact on society

freitag, 20. november: morning session:improving society with young entrepreneurship, afternoon session: improving society with young entrepreneurship students projects, evening: gala ceremony

samstag, 21. november: european huddle breakfast, walk the town: city tour


november 18 (Mittwoch) - 21 (Samstag)


mehrere locations

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